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The Research On Development Strategy

Posted on:2009-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360245469781Subject:Industrial Economics
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With the rapid development of mobile technology and the growth of mobile phone penetration, people are changing their way of living. Mobile Payment (MP) processing is a rising industry, which can bring in the tremendous opportunities. Today MP is widely developed and used all over the world.After years of development, the basic environment of China's Mobile Payment had been formed. Although having a huge potential market, but the current development of the Mobile Payment is not as good as we expect. There was a significant gap between reality and expect. In order to promote the development of Mobile Payment, we need to make clearly the direction of and the key factor to Mobile Payment's development. Furthermore, we need to find out the development strategy of Mobile Payment.This article combines the Induction and deduction. Firstly it defines the definition, introduces the realization process and classifies the services. In accordance with the size of the amount, the Mobile Payment can be divided into small and large payment and according to the methods of payment it can be divided into contact and non-contact Mobile Payment. In order to have a more targeted strategy, this article combines the two ways of classification, forming a two-dimensional classification. Mobile Payment could be divided into four types that is contact small payment, contact large payment, non-contact small payment, non-contact large payment.Through analyzing the current development and the trend of Mobile Payment both domestic and international, we find out the key problems of the Mobile Payment. We established a strategy system which contained two first-class such as Business Model and technology and five second-class elements such as Marketing Model and Profit Model and so on.After that we analyzed the alternative strategies for these elements.Finally, this article proposed the overall strategy and four specific Strategy options By showing, investigating and researching the actuality in china, author wants to support the different stakeholders when they would make decisions, and gives references to institutes, investors and experts.
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile payment, commercial mode, Business mode, payment technology
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