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The Urbanization Of A Village

Posted on:2009-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper analyzes the urbanization of Tanshi-village comprehensively and thoroughly on the topic of rural urbanization with the field work on Tanshi-village. Since 1980s the urbanization of Tanshi-village can be divided into three periods. In the first period, under the influence of market economy, the villagers looked for new ways of living and got away from the agriculture as well, so their income and living quality was improved day by day. In the second period, the local cadres led the villagers to construct the village, which accelerated the village development. In the third period, the construction of Tanshi museum caused the urbanization of Tanshi-village. Under the impulse from both the internal force and outside force and the coordination of market and government, Tanshi-village has been being in the course of urbanization. Concretely, its urbanization mainly exists in geographical urbanization, people's urbanization and the changes of socio-economic structures. By analyzing the above-mentioned three factors, this paper points out the degree of its urbanization and trends of its development in the future. At last, this paper comes to a conclusion: China's rural urbanization should make full use of the development advantages of its own and combine the impulse from the outside. The market mechanism and the governmental intervention play an important role in the course of China's rural urbanization. Nowadays, China's rural urbanization should pay attention to the people's urbanization and be in convergence with the construction of new countryside and strengthen contact between cities and country sides.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tanshi village, rural urbanization, momentum system, socio-economic
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