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Studies About The Strategy Of Medium And Small-size Enterprises Take Part In The Market Of Government Procurement

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Government procurement is the act of buying materials, projects and services with the finance funds in the range of concentration catalogue or above the level of price fixing by the government departments, enterprise units and organizations. Mainly concerned about government bodies at all levels buying material, projects and services for in engage in routine government affairs activity or for the satisfy of public services, use public finance funds and government loan. Governmental procurement does not only mean physical process of procurement, it also bears the concepts of procurement policies, procurement procedure, procurement process and procurement management. It is a set of institutions of public procurement management. By government procurement will decrease administrative costs to the materials, promoting the hyalinization of government budget expenditure. Organizational form of government procurement: There are three kinds of modes used for abroad government procurement. Centralized procurement is refers to a special government procurement institution responsible for the government at the level of all procurements. Separate purchase mode is refers to each procurement institution purchases by themselves. Semi-central and semi-disperse mode, Centralized procurement is refers to special government procurement institution responsible for some items purchasing. And the rests are purchase by themselves. Among the procurements of Chinese government which holds the great proportion, listing in the centralized purchasing catalogue and reach a purchase cost or above should make a centralized purchase.As the perfecting of the legal system and market scale is expanding of government procurement, statistical analysis by Government Procurement Research Center on the basis of Echinakey. Government procurement will increase the share of market larger lately, which accounts for 10% of the GDP in China. Facing with such a rapid increased of government procurement market. Some of local government began to take measures to promote small and medium enterprise entering into the government procurement market. Make a full utilization of this market to stimulate the development of small and medium enterprise. And combined with"the Eleventh Five-years Plan"mentioned"by means of government procurement to promote the process of small and medium enterprise technological innovation on our country"to improve the initiative and enthusiasm to small and medium enterprise participation in government procurement. In the face of such a large market for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs)on how to enter the government procurement, all the country's government procurement market has the responsibility and obligation to provide services and assistance to SMEs and change the way financial support, mainly from direct investment to gradually shift to indirect investment. And further refine the government's financial functions, highlighting key support to improve efficiency in the use of funds. In the future development of SMEs, the Ministry of Finance through the means of financial support for China's support for SMEs, SMEs in the government procurement market, Obtain the government procurement of services and help from all levels, this is our country in the next few years on SMEs will have a favorable opportunity for continued development. The development of China's government procurement join to the international government procurement market, fully integrated into the international market, only learn from some developed countries, international government procurement policies, to a certain limit of the standard, to ensure that SMEs probability to win in government procurement, analysts say, support for SMEs to improve the government procurement system is a important part of the project, from each of the small links, catch the development of SMEs in China , sum up the promotion of SMEs in the development of gains and losses on our country in recent years, learn the successful practices from foreign countries, through finance, banking, government policies to promote the introduction of SMEs in home and broad government procurement market: With the"Bidding Law of People's Republic of China "and" Government Procurement Law "one after another, China's government procurement system has been set up.In the absence of SMEs in government procurement provisions of the refinement, "the Government Procurement Law," of the 17th "focus on the procurement agencies of government procurement activities, in line with the purchasing price should be lower than the average market price of the request ... ...." Decisions in the government procurement process must be stressed the economic benefits of government procurement factors. China's government procurement of the original mainly solve the original budget under the rigid expenditure and corruption, which save the government financial budget expenditure. From point of view on budget savings of expenditure, from 2002 to 2004, the government procurement budget to save money is more than 10% each year, the effect is good. In 2003, the "Government Procurement Law", the official implementation of the requirements of Article 9 of its government procurement should contribute to the achievement goals of the country's economic and social development policy, including the promotion of SMEs development. The core concept of government procurement requires from the main factors emphasize the economic benefits to government procurement of community-based economic transformation. However, in practice, as a result of work inertia and other factors, government procurement has been too much to strengthen economic factors. Government procurement of supplier evaluation considerations (such as: price, after-sales service commitment to assess the strength of the company, production capacity, reputation, technical capabilities and equipment, the level of technical personnel, payment of guarantee fund, etc.) be pushed into the SMEs a means of discrimination. For example, some of the technical complexity, the greater amount of the procurement budget for the project, many SMEs owing to their qualifications in particular the "special qualifications" weak and out of procurement, such as "Computer Information System Integration Qualification Certificate" is not an ordinary small enterprises have. As a result, a number of SMEs to large corporations to borrow or rent quality, the legal representative of the small businesses to large enterprises on behalf of the legal mandate of the people, make business, small businesses to large enterprises to pay "management fees." (Such as the operation itself on commercial bribery have provided the soil.) If you do not have the resources even through the technical capacity of SMEs have no choice to the "Procurement Idem". For instance, government purchaser asked supplier for guarantee fund is helpful for the realization of the contract. However, in practice, all purchaser in one-sided ask supplier for submit guarantee fund, however, they do not provide a guarantee in equivalence, and the ratio is too high, generally up to the amount of procurement between 2% and to 20% or several hundred thousands yuan. Let supplier can't burden more, and further more to make more qualified SMEs to feel powerless and frustrated.Only SMEs to raise awareness on government procurement, to understand the government procurement and support SMEs in related policies, combined with their own advantages and actively participate in government procurement activities, through the actual operation to improve their own skills, and constantly improve the internal management mechanism, set up a special government procurement sector, make a deep and careful understanding and master of the government procurement projects on time, a careful analysis on bid documents, apply some pertinent response. Improve their participation in the quality of government procurement. Improve their own quality in practicing, study hard on some successful cases. Ultimately increase the probability of winning. Upgrade and strengthen of SMEs in the government procurement market.
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