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Entrepreneur Growth Mechanism Research: Based On Enterprise Growth And Enterprise-operator-type Human Capital, With Several Typical Cases Of Entrepreneur Growth In China

Posted on:2009-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360272989819Subject:Business management
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Entrepreneur growth and enterprise growth are mutually influenced by each other. Therefore we can't study the regulation of entrepreneur growth deviating from the micro-environment of enterprise growth. From the angle of enterprise growth and with EHC (Enterprise-operator-type Human Capital) as its hinge, this article has studied the mechanism of entrepreneur growth from four aspects: the essence and express, the motive, the main way and the limiting factor of Entrepreneur growth.Firstly, we consider that EHC renewal or increase in value is the essence of entrepreneur growth and the lifecycle characteristic of entrepreneur in tenure and occupation career is the outside performance of entrepreneur growth. Actually, the lifecycle characteristic of entrepreneur growth is the outside performance of the lifecycle characteristic of EHC renewal.Secondly, we consider that the motive of entrepreneur growth come from two aspects of inside and outside. The inside motive is the function of increasing in value of the EHC, and the outside motive is mainly coming from the pressure of enterprise growth, or the request of increase in value of the other types human capital in the enterprise.Thirdly, we consider that the main way of entrepreneur growth is the entrepreneurial learning. The process of entrepreneurial learning include three main factors:(1) Existing knowledge, (2) the process of obtain information and experience, (3) The way that convert information and experience into new knowledge. The ways for individual to obtain and convert information are different, and these difference is called "learning asymmetries", which will influence the efficiency of EHC renewal.Fourthly, we think that entrepreneur growth may be restricted by three factors of "differential human capital", function of increasing in vale of EHC turnoff, and the development of the three dimensions of EHC is out of balance. First, the existence of "differential human capital" will influence the latent possibility of entrepreneur growth; Secondly, the function of increasing in vale of EHC turnoff will make EHC convert into other types of human capital; thirdly, any dimension of EHC developing excessively or being neglected will influence the whole value of EHC, and then increase the risk of entrepreneur growth.Finally, this article analyzed three typical cases of entrepreneur growth in China, which will support or verify the main standpoint of this study. Therefore, the related conclusion of this research may instruct enterprise growth and entrepreneur growth in practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:EHC (Enterprise-operator-type Human Capital), Entrepreneur Growth, Entrepreneurial Learning
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