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Research On Land Use District At County Level Based On The Overall Land Use Planning

Posted on:2010-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360275481537Subject:Land Resource Management
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As the basis of clothing, food, housing and transportation and material premise for social progress and economic development, land is irreplaceable for human to survive, thus land issues, especially arable land issues, is one of the most prominent problems of resource protection and rational use, and it also has a close relationship with economic development, social and political stability. Land use planning is an applied science as well as one kind of human social and economic activity. The basic land condition of China calls for strengthening macro control and micromanagement of land. Land use planning is not only an important method for government to improve land use management, arrange various sorts of land and guarantee social and economic sustainable development, but a vital method to facilitate harmonious development between rural and urban areas.Land Administration Law formulates that county-level and township-level overall land use planning must delimit land use district. While whether this work can be well done is the premise and foundation of conducting overall land use planning, because the rationality of land use district is one of the crucial indicators of land use evaluation.Our country carried out the overall land use planning at nation, province, state, county and town five levels from the late 1980s to 1990s , and each level of the overall land use planning delimited land use district most by means of qualitative analysis. Though qualitative analytic method is simple to act, yet the consequences is not scientific and accurate enough, so in view of the fact that requirements for land administration and planning with the development of society is being increased gradually, combining the quantitative analysis and the qualitative analysis in land use district has been an inevitable tendency.Taking Qianjiang city as an example, this article conducts study based on the data of 2005, the base year of the new turn of overall land use planning. In terms of Qianjiang city's land utilization present situation, layout of urban and rural areas and regional economic development condition, then according to its land utilization characteristics, ecological environment function localization, the region economical situation and the industrial structure characteristics, this paper, in response to the request of the new turn overall land use planning and with the help of the spatial analysis function of GIS and the mathematical analysis function of SPSS, delimits land use function district of the Qianjiang city with quantitative and qualitative method. Taking the land use function district as the unit and based on various district land utilization characteristics, the article also makes researches about the management and construction issues in planning time.The paper mainly comprises the following sectors:PartⅠ: Introduction. It clarifies the objective and meaning of land utilization district, analyzes the background of research, introduces the foreigner and domestic research status, main research methods and summarize the main targets and the content and ideas of this paper.PartⅡ: Related theory and technical method. This part mainly expounds the definition, principle, index system and commonly used quantitative and qualitative methods of land utilization district, including the establishment of index system, data collection, the methods of land utilization district on GIS and technical process.PartⅢ: General situation of study area. It mainly talks about the social condition, economic characteristics and land utilization present situation of Qianjiang city.PartⅣ: The application about land utilization district based on GIS. According to the methods introduced and technical process designed above, this part delimits the land utilization district in detail with quantitative and qualitative method, for instance, index system, spatial analysis function on GIS, main composition analysis and so on. According to the commonly used index system and available materials, it establishes corresponding index system suitable for Qianjiang. Then by means of cluster analysis, quantitative district according to the whole city's present land utilization situation can be easily done. Based on the result of quantitative analysis, with GIS it employs the overlay approach with several maps (e.g., land use present situation map). Given that overlay method may result in difficultly identified boundaries of some county or classification units, in this case, comprehensive analysis for revision is necessary, then it gets the ultimate outcome of land utilization district.PartⅤ:The suggestion on land utilization district management. Based on different characteristics of various land utilization district and combining the features of Qianjiang's social and economic development, this part studies management and construction issues of each functional district and puts forward opinions about the county land utilization functional administration and construction in the overall land use planning.
Keywords/Search Tags:land planning, land district, quantitative and qualitative analysis, Qianjiang city
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