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Research On The Comprehensive Risk Management Of SME Credit Guarantee Institutions

Posted on:2011-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and medium enterprises in their economic and social development play a fundamental role in developed or developing countries. This sign is the number of fundamental role of a prominent is that SMEs achieve absolute dominance and become the main industrial economies. However, SMEs born small, weak in strength, low credit financing, operating risks and other vulnerabilities .So it is Very difficult to raise funds. And difficulty in financing become a constraint to their development of a major bottleneck. SME's own weaknesses and shortcomings make the demand for financing in the development more pressing Squadron, more risk, more appears to lack credibility. The development of domestic and foreign credit guarantees proved that guarantee agencies and the system has strong credit guarantees and financial zoom feature, you can enhance the SME's credit, guard against and defuse financial risks. Accordingly, the issue of SME Credit Guarantee is urgent.China's credit guarantee agencies has been over ten years since 1998. By end of 2008, the National SME credit guarantee institutions reached 4247, guarantee funds 233.4 billion yuan, total SME loans reached 1.75 trillion yuan loan guarantees, business 907 000 Accumulated guarantee. It has played an important role in promoting improving the credit environment for SME development and to some extent eased the difficult problem of indirect financing of SMEs. However, the SME credit guarantee institutions for the financing banks and made a bridge between SMEs, the SME financing played an important role. Meanwhile, the credit guarantee industry is a highly specialized high-risk industry, which secured the object, the security sector itself and its external environment in which closely related。It determines the security agencies in the operation of the various risks faced in the process. How to prevent and control the risk of SME credit guarantee credit guarantee institutions in our country is an important cornerstone of sustainable development.The COSO Commission issued official draft about Enterprise Risk Management-Integrated Framework in 2004.The report gave a new definition to the enterprise risk management: Enterprise risk management is a process that the board of directors, management and other employees participate in. It used to identify potential issues that may affect the business and provide reasonable assurance within its risk appetite and risk management of corporate goals. A comprehensive risk management around the world set off a wave .However, more comprehensive risk management is to apply the theory to commercial banks, having achieved remarkable results. SME credit guarantee institutions have higher risk and lower income non-financial institutions compared with bank. So it need the latest and most advanced international risk management theory to guide.This paper make a detailed study about Comprehensive Risk Management of SME credit guarantee institutions First of all, First of all, introduced the significance of this study, research content, research methods and research abroad Summary .Pointed out the importance of this study, and research findings have been summarized. Make a detailed study on the SME credit guarantee comprehensive risk management theory explained by the SME credit guarantee from the respective theories and the overall risk management. Next Reviewed the development of SME Credit Guarantee process and analysis the Different models about SME credit guarantee institutions. Also, it pointed out that security agencies could face a range of issues. Subsequently, the focus of this study is - SME credit guarantee institutions comprehensive risk management framework. It makes Comprehensive risk management as our guide, fully embodies the characteristics of the risk of credit guarantee institutions, through the establishment of appropriate organizational systems. And make a detailed analysis about risk management objectives, risk management organization, risk management processes. Finally, verified the SME credit guarantee institutions a comprehensive risk management framework using case study to SME Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd. Changchun City.
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