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Research On Water-land Use Coordination Of The Coal-buried Villages In The Hilly Region

Posted on:2018-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330515463149Subject:Land Resource Management
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Water and land resources play a pivotal role in sustaining the sustainable development in terms of regional social,economic and ecological aspects.In coal exploitation areas,the exploitation activities have caused tremendous impacts on the regional water-land resources and disturb the coordination degree between the regional water and land resources,which threatened the economic,social and ecologic sustainable development of the region.The paper selected Chang River basin located in Zezhou county,Shanxi province as research area and conducted the case study.The match between supply and demand was analyzed,the dynamic spatial and temporal rules of water and land influenced by coal exploitation works were systematically analyzed through contrast analysis methodology,in addition,the coordination degree index between land and water was built in order to evaluate and analyze the temporal and spatial rules of the coordination condition of land and water in the region dynamically.The main research contents were as follows:(1)The paper clarified the research approach by reviewing relevant researches on regional water-land coordination and impacts on water-land resources caused by coal exploitation activities.(2)The spatial distribution,supply and demand of various water resources were analyzed,the contradictions between supply and demand of regional water resources were specified.(3)The spatial distributions of underground water in different coal exploitation phases were simulated through spatial interpolation and contrast analysis method to illustrate the spatial impacts caused on water by coal exploitation activities.(4)The coordination degree index between land and water was built creatively in the paper,the dynamic evaluation of water-land coordination condition was conducted by selecting village as evaluation unit.The paper reached the following conclusions:(1)Due to limitations of natural factors and impacts caused by coal exploitation,the contradiction of water supply and demand in the research area is severe.(2)The mass exploitation activities of coal resources brought about tremendous damage to the regional water and land resources,and caused the unbalanced spatial distribution of underground water resources,which demonstrated high spatial aggregation.(3)With the exploitation of coal resources and economic and social development,the water-land coordination of the whole research area indicated a slightly downward trend,which means the water-land situation in the region is not optimistic.(4)The research results in the paper could provide some reference for making coal exploitation plans,dividing water-land conservation zones and carrying out comprehensive land consolidation works to achieve the goal of water-land security.
Keywords/Search Tags:water and land resources, supply and demand match, coordinated utilization, coal mining area in the Loess Plateau, spatial and temporal contrast analysis
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