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The Study On Construction Of Poor Children Social Assistance System In Qinhuangdao

Posted on:2011-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J E JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2196330338491277Subject:Administrative Management
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With the advance of the reform and opening up, the economy get great development. The social stratification in our country is becoming more and more complicated, and within poor children have become a special disadvantaged group. The effect of social assistance for the poor children will directly decide whether the gap of wealth between different social strata enlarge or shrink. For the poor children in China don't get enough social assistance at present, more attention should be taken to their growth. In this article, the poor children social assistance system in Qinhuangdao is taken to be the research object, the present situation, formation reason, and countermeasure will be put forward to provide management suggestion and useful exploration for the poor children's social assistance. On the basis of using the related theory and learning excellent research of foreign scholars and domestic scholars, the following several aspects are adopted.Firstly, the current situation of social assistance in Qinhuangdao for the poor children is conducted. Based on the elaboration of supply system and questionnaire survey empirical studies, the article evaluates the effect of social assistance in children's life, education, and medical and psychological education aspects, laying groundwork for the problem analysis and solving problems.Secondly, the defects of social assistance for the poor children system in Qinhuangdao are analyzed from two aspects: the current defects of social assistance system and the operation environment against poor children get social assistance, which make preparation for the following policy recommendations.Finally, management suggestion of the poor children social assistance in Qinhuangdao is put forward to construct independent urban-rural integration social assistance system for poor children. On the basis of United States experience, the basic ideas and positioning are put forward; the concrete frame system and measures of optimization the poor children social assistance system operation environment are expounded.
Keywords/Search Tags:The poor children, Social assistance, Independent system, Urban- rural integration, Assistant system
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