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Structureal Cross-straits Econmic Cooperation Mechanism Studying

Posted on:2011-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2196330338991200Subject:Ideological and political education
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Since breaking the isolation of cross-strait, the economic relations have developed rapidly. However, for a long time, the development of cross-strait economic relations in an indirect way, blocked imbalance, lacked of state mechanisms. Along with the continuous development of cross-strait economic relations and economic cooperation within the continuous accumulation of power, laciness of cross-strait economic cooperation mechanism of cross-strait economic relations are becoming the bottleneck of further development. As a game, demands of economic interests are the fundamental driving force of cross-strait relations. There without reasonable Meacham's, the original semi-official cross-strait interaction model semi-public, not only randomness strong communication channels, but also involves the need to question the authorities intervenes in almost inactive. On the one hand Constraints is not conducive to cross-strait economic cooperation and deception. On the other hand, the cross-strait economic cooperation should be carried out by a lack of social goals and promote conscious awareness. For a long time, the mainland builds a cross-strait economic cooperation mechanism which made great efforts to build cross-strait economic cooperation mechanism, but the two sides need to work together. Article regarded the game between cross-strait relations as a starting point, from the perspective of design theory for building economic cooperation mechanism, to provide a new way of cross-strait unification. Mechanism design theory of the core problem is how the game behavior is disappeared under asymmetric information and the design of incentive compatible mechanisms to achieve efficient allocation of resources, especially, to achieve certain social objectives. Carrying the cross-strait economic cooperation mechanism of cross-strait peace and development, common prosperity of the compatriots on both sides target, the mechanism must be the starting point for building national unity in the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation. Articles build cross-strait economic cooperation mechanism should take the following tasks: to promote cross-strait common inheritance and development of Chinese civilization; to expand mutually beneficial cross-strait economic and cooperation to jointly cope with international economic risks; to further improve and consolidate the "two sessions to discuss" core multi- channels of information communication platform; and careful preparation of cross-strait economic cooperation and signed the framework agreement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Relationship of the cross-strait economic, Game, The theory of mechanism design, Social goals, The mechanism of economical cooperation
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