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Human Development Theory Of Marxism And Its Modern Significance

Posted on:2002-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360032950788Subject:Marxist Theory
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The development theory of human being抯 is an important part of Marxism theory. This thesis attempts to comprehensively and systematically elaborate the basic content of Marxist development theory of human beings from the perspective of Marxism抯 from and development by means of integrating history and logic. At the same time, the paper interprets the role of this theory in Marxism historical materialism, in order to use this theory to study the development of human beings in the process of china抯 socialist modernization and give the modem explanation about Marxist development theory of human beings. The thesis the opinion that development of human beings is the theoretic destination of Marxism historical materialism, and the imperative trend of human being抯 development. In the course of china抯 socialist modernization, if we should carefully deal with the relationship between economical development and human being抯 development, between man and nature, If we remold the human spirit and realize the strategically target of sustained development, we must transform from dependent model to independent model, from incompetent model to competent model, and from closed model to open model. The all-round development of human beings, as the ideal aim of human beings?self development, is a process accomplished gradually, human being抯 modernization regard as the indispensable stage of human being抯 all-round development is human being抯 development抯 aim of our country抯 socialist elementary stage.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Development of Human Beings, Modernization Historical Materialism, The Essence of Human Beings
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