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Research On Social Development And Overall Development Of Human Beings

Posted on:2015-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2285330434950526Subject:Marxist philosophy
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ABSTRACT:Development is one of the major concerns of contemporary people. Whether it is to be understood merely as accumulated numbers or as a comprehensive and integrated goal, everyone hopes that our development is in a rising mode. Human beings live in society, which is the only place where people’s ability gets improved. And history is the only criterion to measure human beings’ level of development. Although the practical abilities of human beings have been considerably enhanced, their integrity has been undermined along with the advance of society, especially the capitalist society.This paper tries to explain reasons for the unilateral development of human beings and find a way to bend people toward integrity again.The foreword states my basic ideology by explaining the cause, the standpoint and the methodology of this study.The following section discusses classical authors’ views on this topic, introduces the failure of social development in USSR, recommends experience of social development in China and finds a suitable way for our development.Section three focuses on the developmental contradiction between society and people, introduces the humanity and the materialization of society, explains the self-negation of human being living under the governing of capital, understands the rational standard of social development in accordance with of Marxist Philosophy, and finds the reasons for the one-sidedness of human beings through focusing on the topics usually ignored.The fourth section confirms the possibility of the integrate development of realistic people and points out that the realization of this possibility needs understanding reasons for one-sided people in theory, changing our narrow minds, and comprehending the development of human beings through Marx’s explanation consciously. This section also elaborates that social construction in socialist society is the most realistic way to put the concept of development into people’s daily life and let development become the way of human lives. Scientific socialism is the only way to overcome people’s one-sidedness brought by capitalism.The last section summarizes the ways in which the philosophy of development in the new era approaches social development and the overall development of human beings, elevates the level of development theory and refines existing concepts philosophically where necessary.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social development, the overall development of human beings, materialization, realistic people, Socialism
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