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Comparison Between Mongolian - In Horqin And Narrative Folk Song

Posted on:2009-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R G T ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360242986104Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Huren Wuliger (A genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing accompanied on Huqin--- a general term for certain two-stringed or four-stringed bowed instruments ) and narrative ballad are charming art forms which are Kerchin Mongolians' own, and they play an important role in Kerchin traditional culture. Huren Wuliger is based on such multiple art forms as the epic of ancient Mongolian, Saman music, short lyric songs and influenced by Han Chinese culture. The performer of Huren Wuliger, Huerqi made great contributions to the creation and development of narrative ballad.During the creation and development of Huren Wuliger and narrative ballad, they influenced each other and interpenetrated a lot, thus playing a positive role in the formation and perfection of them. However, whether in theme or music forms, they have differences: Huren Wuliger is based on the historic stories of Han Chinese and Mongolians, while Kerchin narrative ballad is based on the real people and real events happened in Kerchin areas in modern times; the former is long and covers a lot in time and space, and the plot is thick, while the latter is short and the plot is thin; Huerqi chooses different melodies in accordance with different plots, so Huren Wuliger is abundant in medoly, while narrative ballad uses only one melody regardless of the plot; Huren Wuliger is performed by professional, Huerqi; while narrative ballad not only by professional, Huerqi, but other folk singers as well.This paper aims to reveal the generality and differences of Huren Wuliger and narrative ballad, and also their internal relations and reciprocal effects through researches on Huren Wuliger and narrative ballad, and comparison of their elements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kerchin, Mongolian, Huren Wuliger, narrative ballad, comparison
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