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Qijia Tombs Mogou Staging Division And Related Problems,

Posted on:2011-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360305459541Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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Mogou cemetery found that enriched the culture of Gansu and Qinghai regions Qijia information for further research on the cultural connotation of Qijia culture and geographical features provides a new way, and the cemetery in the transition to the Siwa Culture Remains found was Qijia culture and the relationship between Siwa culture provides an important basis for further study. We will Qijia 2008 Mogou based on newly discovered tomb, the tomb of the grinding groove stage, remains content area and transitional areas in great depth. Paper consists of six parts:Part 1:Introduction. Inductive the discovery and research of the Qijia culture, determine the mill ideas and methods of this study.Part 2:The excavated profile of Mogou Qijia culture cemetery in 2008. Focuses on the graves laminated to break the relationship between the two burial pottery combination of content and classification.Part 3:Mogou staging of Qijia cemetery. Typical type of pottery classification and division, to determine the evolution of the typical pottery type and combination of features, then the law determined by the evolution of the typical pottery of the stage throughout the cemetery.Part 4:Mogou Zoning Qijia cemetery. Analyzing the sequence of the entire cemetery and burial laws, determine the layout of the cemetery features; then the difference for each combination of pottery regional characteristics determine the cemetery.Part 5:Mogou Qijia culture and characteristics of the era cemetery. Sooner or later according to the typical evolution of burial pottery, similar artifacts have been discovered through the analysis of age grinding groove on the lower cemetery; staging area and then the results of cultural identity Mogou cemetery.Part6:related issues. Staging area under the study's conclusions, grinding trench burial of cultural studies on the role of regulating the family, and then explore the culture and the related archaeological Qijia Culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mogou cemetery, Qijia culture, Stage, Zoning
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