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Grinding Groove To Put Culture Cemetery Partial Tomb Chamber And Studying Much

Posted on:2013-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2245330374471479Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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The joint burial phenomenon and repeated burial process of Mogou cemetery of the Qijia Cultural has been definitely acknowledged by former excavated and research work.Along with the continuous field work,abundant information of multiple-catacombs of Mogou cemetery,which is a special kind of joint tomb,has been accumulated.This paper mainly study the multiple-catacombs of Mogou cemetery, probe into the related problems according to the structure and the bones and the accumulation of the tombs, wish to provide some new knowledge.This paper hold that multiple-catacomb of Mogou cemetery is not only a special kind of joint tomb,but also a special kind of catacomb,its structure and burial custom keep with the traditon,besides,have its own distinctive features.In the aspects of marriage and family,owing to the new form of burial and the process of repeated burial,the multiple-catacombs of Mogou cemetery convey the information which has been neglected in the previous research.The ancient people in the Mogou cemetery have strong family values.Monogamy and marriage has appeared,maybe polygamy also exist.The relationship between husband and wife is equal.Meanwhile,there are big families by ties of blood.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qijia Culture, Mogou cemetery, multiple-catacomb, family relation
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