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The Preliminary Studies On Henglingshan Cemetery And The Relative Problems

Posted on:2012-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L YouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2215330338463738Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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Henglingshan Cemetery is one of the most important cemeteries during Shang and Zhou dynasty in Guangdong province.There are 224 tombs, dated from Shang dynasty to Spring and Autumn period, have been buried with funerary objects. It is good material for discussing the intension and development of the archaeological culture in Guangdong province, during Shang and Zhou dynasty. Based on former research, this paper is aimed at discussing the intension and development of the cemetery and the relation between Boluo area and surrounding area, in archaeological methord.The paper is composed of four parts:Chapter One reviews the study about the Brozen Age in Guangdong province and discusses the author's idea of the paper and reasearch method.Chapter Two analyses the remains of Henglingshan Cemetery in archaeological methord. Firstly, this chapter contrasts Henglingshan Cemetery with other sites arrounding to check their relative date, using archaeological stratigraphy. Secondly, this chapter has some typology study of typical artifacts, and divides the tombs in Henglingshan Cemetery into nine phases and five ages, and surmises their approximately date. Thirdly, this chapter analyses the cultural elements and finds it contain seven groups of different elements.Chapter Three discusses the spatial structure of cemeterythe, the relation between Boluo area and surrounding area and the problem of nomination.Chapter Four draws a conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Henglingshan Cemetery, Shang and Zhou dynasty, stage and age, cultural elements, spatial structure of the cemetery
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