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Realization And Application Research Of Traditional Festival Experience Platform Based On Virtual Reality Technology

Posted on:2021-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2515306041961719Subject:Master of Engineering
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With the development of the society,the values of the society are changing constantly,and the traditional festival customs that were once valued by the Chinese people have become increasingly indifferent.Traditional festivals play an irreplaceable role in the long history of the Chinese nation.It is of great practical significance to study the new way of inheriting traditional festivals and endow traditional culture with new vitality.With the rapid progress of science and technology,the hot development of virtual reality technology in the past two years has provided new ideas for the inheritance of traditional culture.The interactivity,immersion and imagination of virtual reality technology can perfectly solve the defects of traditional culture inheritance.The virtual environment created by virtual reality technology can create a perfect learning environment for the recipients of culture compared with the real world,thus making up for the deficiency of traditional methods and overcoming the influence factors such as the impossibility of reappearing myths and legends and the gradual replacement of traditional customs due to their influence on the environment.Therefore,it is necessary to combine the advantages of traditional culture and virtual reality technology to increase new possibilities for the inheritance of traditional culture.Through the combination of virtual reality technology and traditional festival inheritance,this paper builds a traditional festival experience platform.The main research contents are as follows:1.Build a virtual environment.According to the scenario requirements refined by demand analysis,combined with 3ds MAX,Unity 3d and other software carry out three-dimensional modeling of platform exhibition hall and terrain environment to realize the main framework of the scene;use hand-held three-dimensional scanner to carry out three-dimensional scanning modeling of display objects and objects to fill the frame interior;cut and generate the mid autumn moon sky box according to the mid autumn panoramic photos,and perfectly restore the real external environment of mid autumn night.Finally,the virtual environment is integrated in Unity3d,and the three scenes of UI hall,enjoy the moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival and Mid autumn Poetry appreciation hall are fully modeled by programming.2.Interactive function development.HTC Vive virtual reality head display equipment is introduced,and VRTK toolkit is used to develop human-computer interaction of the platform according to function analysis in Unity3D.For different adaptive users,two mobile schemes are developed based on Lighthouse technology,which realize scene roaming and blinking.At the same time,the collision detection in Unity3D development is improved by splitting the 3D model.Finally,the interactive functions of keyword speech recognition,gaze interaction,collision detection,virtual object grabbing and other platforms are realized.3.Test and result analysis.In order to verify the usability and user satisfaction of the platform,the control experiment was designed,and the experimental group and the control group were set up.The reliability of the collected data was investigated and analyzed by Spss software.The differences between the experimental group and the control group were compared and the conclusion was drawn.Finally,it proves that the platform has a positive impact on the dissemination of traditional festival knowledge.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual reality, traditional festivals, cultural communication, human-computer interaction
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