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Between Modernity And Tradition

Posted on:2012-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330338450193Subject:Legal history
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Sun Yat-sen is the great forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution, and his tireless pursuit of national liberation and independence, the country's democracy and prosperity. He not only led the people to overthrow the feudal rule, the establishment of the revolutionary cause of the Republic go down in history, but also the spirit of its rich nature created in the political, ideological and legal areas and left behind a wealth of valuable ideas, which they have in China with its characteristics worthy of constitutional theory the essence of his thinking. Sun Yat-sen in the constitutional theory is the practice of the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution, the Enlightenment thinkers and borrowing the sovereignty of the people, based on the ideas of freedom and equality established. In this constitutional theory, the Sun is the history of many of the ideas first, not only to the Constitution of Chinese advanced thinking intellectuals learn to think independently by blind change, China is also a landmark in the Constitutional Government, a starting point. This article based on the analysis in the literature, attempts to Constitutional Government Road Modernity and Tradition in a systematic exposition of the same time, this modern and traditional ideology and culture to Sun Yat-sen brought about constitutional theory theory entangled with the ideological contradictions to be analyzed, and placed it at the time in which specific historical background, historical development path for research, for its constitutional theory that the underlying causes of conflict and entanglement. Finally, the paper discusses the theory of Constitutional Government in Chinese political system construction as well as on the modern Constitutional Construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modernity, Traditional, Theoretical dilemma, Influence
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