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Research On The Construction Of Network Culture In Fangchenggang City In The New Media

Posted on:2015-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330464470936Subject:Administrative Management
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Healthy and harmonious development of Internet culture is a vital territory for implementing spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the third plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee, making solid progress in building a strong nation of socialist culture as well as the concrete action of implementation and construction for "Famous City of Ocean Culture" of Fangchenggang. New media is the living environment and era background for people which represented by the Internet, mobile phones. The rise and rapid development of Internet culture has an important effect on the development of regional culture. It not only has break through the limit of space-time for the creation and spread as well as consumption of regional culture, being a new engine for promotion of local cultural soft power, but also has become the booster of economic growth, being a main symbol of scientific and technological level of productivity for a region. In recent years, Fangchenggang city strengthens the efforts to the construction and management of Internet culture, and makes it healthy development. The network media, e-government (EG), Internet culture industry and the construction of spiritual civilization for cyber citizen of local mainstream culture guided by Fangchenggang City has been advancing on the whole and made it fruitful, which has promoted the construction of urban cultural soft power. However, characteristics with the rapid development of new media bring opportunities to the Internet culture construction meanwhile come up with challenges, which set higher requirements for management system, working mechanism and management method of Internet culture construction. At present, there are numbers of issues for Internet culture construction of Fangchenggang City which restrict the overall level of development for Internet culture such as the ideological understanding cannot keep up with the pace of Internet culture development in new media time, the supervision of Internet culture still fall behind the steps of that, the force of position construction for Internet culture still need to be reinforced, the effective supply is far from meeting the need of social need, etc. How to promote local Internet culture to ensure the new media as a new approach to spread the advanced socialist culture and a new platform to build the system of socialist code values as well as a new space to the healthy spiritual and cultural life for people. Hence, there has been being an extremely important and urging issue currently presenting in front of local party and government departments.This thesis adopts approaches of multidisciplinary theoretical analysis, literature analysis, case investigation and comparative analysis to research and sort out construction status of Internet culture of Fangchenggang City and to analyze and diagnose the crux of restricting urban Internet culture construction. In the course of discussion, it lays emphasis on the angle of dominant effect on Internet culture construction exerted by the government to learn from the successful experience of Internet culture construction at home and abroad. Based on the new public service theory and network governancetheory, it explores the choice approach to Internet culture construction of Fangchenggang City as below: to insist on using the system of socialist code values to guide Internet culture construction, to deepen the understanding of Internet culture construction in the new media time, to make great efforts to build Internet culture with local characteristics, to build an ecology environment of Internet culture with health, civilization and harmony, to strengthen and to improve management system, management mechanism and team construction of Internet culture. Based on the aspects of that, it has been giving countermeasures and making suggestions with strong pertinence and operability.
Keywords/Search Tags:new media culture, Internet culture construction, path Fangchenggang City
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