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A Study On The Influence Of The Village On The Villagers' Autonomy

Posted on:2016-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330464961521Subject:Political Theory
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With China’s reform and opening up to the outside world, the villager autonomy system has been applied widely, a large number of rural entrepreneurs embarked on village governance stage, they led the villagers to start a business, development and expansion of the collective economy, so that the majority of the villagers are increasingly live a rich life, and Homo herbalist village from to filthy nails become local advanced star village. In the process of rural people in the village governance, for rural economic and social development and the improvement of living standards, villagers play an important positive role. However, as the artist the excessive concentration of power, coupled with the lack of standard system of supervision and restraint, talent management is easy to change into tyranny and for designed deviate from democracy, obstruct democracy at the grass-roots level, adverse influence on villagers’ autonomy. This thesis aims at conducting a tentative research analysis on the recent Phenomenon of “talent-oriented village governance”, that is economic talents as leading force run village with a case study of village D in Z city of Shandong province.The full text is divided into five parts:The first part is introduction. Through to the selected topic background and significance, research status at home and abroad the analysis of the definition of related concepts and theories, as well as the basic research ideas and research methods of description, theory of full text plays a guiding role.The second part is to be able to rule of man of village in the process. Based on the D village in case of empirical research, first of all, for a brief introduction to the basic situation of the current D village; secondly, through the development history of the D village change, can lead to laws of village in process.The third part is to be able to rule of man village phenomenon analysis of the causes. Laws based on the practice of D village development, to be the village respectively analyze background and reasons of the phenomenon, was quoted as saying in ancient Chinese society squire governance and the traditional practice and development of the current villager autonomy system, combined with the needs of the villagers to get rich and wise men own high comprehensive quality, a detailed analysis.The fourth part is the analysis on the influence of the villagers’ autonomy can man village. Wise men dominate the village governance, for the development of villagers’ autonomy, there are both positive role and negative influence should play positive role of the artist as much as possible, avoid the negative impact of homo herbalist, promote democracy at the grass-roots level.The fifth part is the specification to man village, promote village good governance process. Through the above part of the narrative, the need to do is through various channels, multiple levels to standardize can man village, guide the people by the authority of governance to the transformation of governance according to law, to promote the development of rural grassroots democracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural people, Villagers’ autonomy, Authoritarian governance, In accordance with the law governing
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