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A Study On The Legal Organization Form Of Venture Capital In China

Posted on:2016-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330479978937Subject:Economic Law
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The research object of the article is the organization form of venture capital, we can get a result that different countries in the different choices of the venture capital organization form is the different accumulation of economic development from the rise of venture capital and the evolution of the organization around the world. We start to develop the market economy after put forward the construction of the socialist system in our country, which promote the process of venture capital. A lot of venture capital institutions breeding and exist in our country, and expanding in the form of derivatives, The phenomenon like this have a great affect and significance to the economic develop after the reform.Different choices of interests and needs, makes all the parties must consider all factors when choosing institutions(such as a venture capitalist looking for investment opportunities, investment institutions choose the organization to develop themselves and start-ups business enterprises seeking venture capital for support, etc), in order to chase profit maximum. This requires venture capital institutions conform to the trend of China’s economic development and the value of its own interests. This article will from the main legal organizational form of venture capital, compared the characteristics of the main forms in China, analysis of the disadvantages about the protection of the investors, risk aversion and the governance structure of profile etc,reference from other countries and regions, In combination with the development experience, pointed out how to perfect our institutions of limited partnership venture capital.
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