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A Study On The Governance Of Migrant Workers In Urban - Rural Fringe

Posted on:2016-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330482451415Subject:Public administration
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With the deepening of China’s political and economic system reform and the acceleration of urbanization process, the status and role is increasingly important in the community, community governance has become a strategic problem in the development of Chinese society. This paper choose the ideas of urban-rural fringe, street is located in wuxi as the window of wuxi city streets, in recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization process, a large number of resettlement community successively built, urban population resettlement synchronization to enter at the same time, formed a "mixed" also farmers also reside, many village residential housing, characterized by form also rapidly boost population agglomeration degree, this is a new field for the management of community construction. How to cope with rapidly increasing population of the community governance requirements, dealing with a good mix is still complex community governance requirements, in the construction form and management mode in line with the modern city, eventually become a true sense of urban community, is before us a very important and urgent task.Paper based on the theory of governance theory, first introduced the basic situation of wuxi Chong An Ou guang yi street, and then analyzes its present situation in the course of community governance, characteristics and existing problems, and finally, sum up the main idea of this article and the suggestion, aims to create a government-led, residents participation, the diversity of social and community governance environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural-urban Continuum, Type Of Resettlement Community, The Governance Mode, Researc
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