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Study On The Community Governance Problems And Countermeasures Of Urban And Rural Residential Areas

Posted on:2017-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488460121Subject:Public administration
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With the accelerated pace of urban and rural integration process, the demand of land for urban expansion and infrastructure construction is increasing, and the scale of land requisition or transfer in urban-rural fringe becomes bigger and bigger. Every land development and infrastructure construction will cause a large range of demolition. The government has to invest to construct resettlement for the relocated residents. The relocated residents have to change their life style from the original villages scattered to gregarious in the government’s overall relocation policy when they lost their houses and land, most of them still has traditional cultural traditions and habits, but also exists difference with the city residents, so they are in the middle and the transitional stage. In the process of urban development, the migrant population is increasing gradually, the urban fringe area which has convenient transportation and lower cost of living become the primary choice to live. These resettlement areas form a community of local residents,farmers and migrant population agglomeration, at the same time, the above phenomenon leads to a series of social problems, which becomes an apparent problem affecting the process of urbanization.This paper analyzes the characteristics and management status of the current resettlement community in urban and rural fringe on the basis of the related theories about resettlement community and literatures, combined with study and investigation on the individual case of Xianfeng Subdistrict Office of Tongzhou District, raises some problems which existed in the governance to the resettlement residential community in urban and rural fringe area and finds the reason to above problems.Finally, this paper puts forward some countermeasures for strengthening governance to the resettlementcommunity in urban and rural fringe area.
Keywords/Search Tags:integration of urban and rural, demolition resettlement area, community governance
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