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Research On The Reform Of Administrative Approval System In Beijing

Posted on:2017-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330482488628Subject:Administrative Management
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Administration Approval System Reform is the transformation of government functions is an important breakthrough. Since 1978, Beijing has carried out four stages of the reform of administrative examination and approval system, with remarkable resu lts. However, due to the conservative idea of reform, the interests of the pattern of imbalance, functional transformation system is not in place, the reform of administrative approval system in Beijing, there are still economic and social reform and development can not meet the requirements, including the decentralization of administrative examination and approval has not been implemented and Behavior; administrative approval supporting services need to be further improved; reform of administrative approval to take root difficult; Advances in information sharing between government departments slow reform of administrative examination and approval; administrative examination and approval mechanism should be further perfect and so on.Based on the new public service theory, collation and analysis of economic reform in Beijing Yearbook, sort of administrative approval system reform practice in Beijing since 2001, comprehend the history and the development direction of the Administrative Approval System Reform in Beijing. Combined with field research, learn cutting-edge practices for administrative examination and approval system reform at home and abroad and advanced experience to arrive at recommendations of administrative examination and approval system in Beijing.By analyzing the Beijing administrative approval system problems and reasons exist to deepen reform the status quo in order to market principles, the principle of the rule of law, principles and performance of multiple subjects involved in principl es. In terms of reform ideas, administrative and cultural innovation to promote the administrative examination and approval system reform and innovation; in practice, enhance e-government service system in the entity government organic integration, enhance information sharing platform among government departments, establish and improve the administrative examination and approval mechanism, administrative examination and approval matters innovation evaluation mechanisms; in terms of achievement of objectives, clear responsibilities and efficient operation, reform of the administrative flat.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative examination and approval system, Reform, New public service, Reform suggestion, Service-oriented government
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