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Research On The Construction Of Social Stability Risk Assessment Mechanism In Maintenance

Posted on:2017-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330488964172Subject:Public management
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At this stage, our country has been in the key period to build moderately prosperous society. Our society faces more risks and challenges in the changing world and deepening reform, therefore, the social management we shoulder is more than ever daunting. Safeguarding our social harmony and stability has become the urgent problem to be solved. Petition, serving as bridge connecting our party and government with our people, had been given full scope to social stability as stabilizer, reducing valve and lubricant for a long time. It’s important and responsible. In more recent years, petition work of Yunnan has made remarkable achievement in terms of smoothing petition channel, normalizing order, handling prominent problems of petition and mass incidents, as well as finding real solutions for people’s petitions. However, the broad picture of petition stabilization is still in no ways optimistic because the petition regime, mechanism and system have some defects and loopholes. To solve these problems, we must shift working idea, introduce scientific method, innovate mechanisms, so as to reverse the passive situation of petition stabilization.Through the perspective of strengthening and innovation of social management, this article chooses social stability and risk assessment as the breakthrough point and solution of petition stabilization problems in our province. Besides, this article researches and analysis necessity and feasibility of applying social stability risk assessment mechanism to petition stabilization solution. By using survey research, comparative analysis and case study methods, this article studies the core content of the mechanism as well as the principle and process of its application. Moreover, this article is trying to build theoretical support for the mechanism application, at the same time to provide concrete implementation method and reference, thus to continuously improve scientific level of our petition work and truly safeguard our social harmony and stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Petition Stabilization, Social Management, Petition Watershed Management, Social Stability and Risk Assessment
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