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Yanbian Region Of Non-public Economic Development To Explore

Posted on:2001-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J NieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360002451641Subject:Chinese Minority economy
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No one doubts that the non-public ownership economy is one of the important parts of the socialist market economy. Its rapid developing not only pushes the continuous growing of the national economy, increases the financial income, but also enlarges the employment, promotes the stability of society.Only pluralistic competition in the market economy can make the economy vital.So it is very important to affirm the status of the non-public ownership economy .It makes market economy perfect and enhances its vitality.The aim of this thesis is to probe into the characteristics and current situation of non-public ownership economy of Yanbian, study its important significance of non-public ownership economy of national area, and provide the countermeasure of developing.This thesis is divided into five parts:1.Elaborate the objectiveness and resume procedure of non-public ownership economy under the condition of socialist market economy.2.Elaborate the implication and form of the non-public ownership economy and clarify the purpose, meaning and method of the study.3.Analyze the track and characteristics of the developing of nonpublic ownership economy in Yanbian area.4.Probe into the existing problem in the course of developing of the non-public ownership economy of Yanbian area since reform and opening.5.Provide suggestion of how to speed up the development of nonpublic ownership economy of Yanbian area, and summarize the charactenstics. And raise some problem to be discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:the non-public ownership economy, individual economy, private economy, investment economy of foreign tradesmen.
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