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Yingkou City West Urban Development Of Private Economy Research

Posted on:2004-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J S YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122460903Subject:Business Administration
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The development and growth of private economy will play an important role in the economic and social evolution of our country, and in the mean while, the ideas and conception, ownership relation and the governmental management models confine the development of it seriously. In the course of the economic development of Ying Kou city, the private enterprises promote the capabilities of the whole economy and increase the employment, so in order to realize the development further, there are some problems that have to be solved. Based on all the reasons, this thesis expounds the assumption of the research on the private economy of XiShi District.Based on XiShi District's private economy's developmental courses and present situations, which is one of the districts of Ying Kou City, this thesis provides some schemes that may be effective in promoting the private economy to further evolution, through analyzing the opportunities that the enterprises face and the developmental bottlenecks inside and outside. The thesis tries to extricate the private economy of XiShi District, from the predicament being deficient in stamina. The thesis is made up of four chapters, firstly it sketches out the evolution, status and present situations of the private economy of XiShi District, and it also brings out the significance of the research work. The second chapter analyzes the problems that are caused in the developmental process of the private economy, and the opportunities it face. The third part of the thesis briefly expounds the distinguished features of the principal three private economic patterns in our country, and concludes the experiences and revelations that the private economy of XiShi District can learn from. The last chapter is focuses on the strategies research, which are useful to impulse the development of the private economy further.The thesis concluded that the enterprise system, governmental functions and the narrow funds-raising channels, poor talent training and attracting systems restrain the development of private economy in XiShi District; comparing with the famous patterns of the three private economy, XiShi District also can learn a lot from them; XiShi District should transit the ideas and concepts, establish modern enterprises system, attract the talents, broaden the funds-raising channels and enhance the services functions of the government to resolve these problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:XiShi District' private economy, private economy development, developmental strategy
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