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Technology Innovation Of Government Policy And Corporate Development

Posted on:2003-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092470691Subject:Business Administration
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Objective and Significance:The pattern of medium and small-sized enterprises is most diversified one in the current commerce, and employed by many entrepreneurs. However, there are only a few among this kind of enterprises which can grow successfully and develop into the top 500 enterprises of the world. With the development of technology and social work division, the polarization of enterprises appears. The fact is that the super and the medium-and-small-sized enterprises coexist and this is the trend of the company's form evolution in the current economy. Medium and small-sized enterprises become the most important element of the modern economy system.Market economy has experienced several years of hardship Especially the lessons from economic reform , rise and decline of the economy after the World Warâ…¡ show that the governments, theorist circle and other academic groups. have paid much affention to the phenomenon of medium and small-sized enterprises. The existence and development of the medium and small-sized enterprises is of great significance in some ways: restraining the monopoly of super enterprises, protecting the market competition, promoting the innovation and commercialization of the technology, cultivating founders' spirit of hard business starting and taking on, and maintaining the inner activity of a company. And also, the medium and small-sized enterprises play an important role in influencing such parts as politics, society, culture and technology, hence this article is to discuss medium and small-sized enterprises.Basic ideas and logic structure:China is currently in the period of reformation and innovation.Having joined WTO, we have just stepped into the market economy. The old formation and traditional system have restrained the development of small-sized enterprises which are the most active and creative market element. Especially in the period of knowledge economy, and it's important to encourage the medium and small-sized enterprises to demonstrate their capability of technology innovation, fasten the development of the medium and small-sized enterprises, ensure the realization of economy reformation and development target in the years to come, and lay a hard foundation for the national economy's stable growth..This article employs the methods of reality analysis and investigation, so as to do an investigation and research on technology innovation, for the purpose of supplying a good relevant policy and support. The main intention of this article is to explore systematically the medium and small-sized enterprises' technology innovation, government policy support as well as its development Chapter 1 focuses on the new theory of technical innovation in small and middle-sized enterprises and gives depiction and analysis of the conditions of these enterprises of China. Policies for small and middle-sized enterprises are different in different countries because problems at different phases during the development of a country are different. This chapter lays a foundation for the research on theory and demonstration in this article.This part applies demonstration study, questionnaire, interview, investigations by the Focus Team, Case Study, and so on.Chapter 2 conducts a detailed investigation and research on the new environment for technical innovation and present situation of small and middle-sized enterprises. By applying of quantitative and qualitative analysis, and taking fully account of the situation of China, and from amacroscopic point of view. this chapter analyzes the obstructive factors which affect the technical innovation in the small and middle-sized enterprises, and raises pertinent suggestions for policy-making and pursuance of the point of exertion. Chapter 3 advances suggestions on policy-making for improvement of the environment of technical innovation. This chapter aims at tabling proposals on government's financial support, the establishment of socialized service system under the leading of government, the establishment of...
Keywords/Search Tags:small and middle-sized enterprises, Scientific and technical innovation, Government policy, Enterprise development, Demonstration analysis, Financial support, Socialized service system, Venture investment fund, Management innovation
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