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20th Century Western Concept Of Freedom

Posted on:2004-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360092481667Subject:Political Theory
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Freedom is one of the most important values in human history. Unremitting pursuit in freedom runs through in human social life all along. Freedom is also different meaning, different person has different understanding , and different theories also have the different viewpoint on it. No wonder that I.Berlin thought there were less than 200 meanings to the phrase " freedom". However, the most important in the study of freedom is how to educate people to get to pursue the freedom, get to comprehend the freedom, get to acquire the freedom.This thesis has three parts. In chapter 1, I have briefly looked back on freedom before 20 century. Through introduction to the freedom in ancient Greek Roman, the Middle Ages in the West as well as the capitalist class before 20 century, I have aimed at explaining the freedom in 20 century is in based on the study before 20 century past. The knowledge of freedom is a historical course.In chapter 2, I have summarized the four most basic aspects of freedom in 20 century in the West, namely the concept of freedom, the reason of freedom, the provision of freedom and the relation between freedom and nation. On the exposition for the most basic problem in freedom, the sight on freedom of the 20 century shows own characteristics comparing with traditional sight on freedom. The visual angle of people on freedom does not stay again only on pursuing the perfect combination of logic and the abstract demonstration of theory , it makes freedom have more social content.In chapter 3 is the appraisement on freedom in the West for 20 century. Any political idea is the reflection of located times, and freedom is also not exceptional. Freedom in 20 century shows great change comparing with traditional freedom, and this change has adapted to social historical condition of 20 century. In the end , I have introduced the mainly changes of freedom in 20 century, we should have clear realization on freedom in the West and insist on Marxism position .
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