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Agile Supply Chain Management And Its Suppliers Evaluation System

Posted on:2004-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092976115Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Now,our country has been formally affiliated to WTO. With the civil enterprises orbited to the world and confronted with the challenge from international market,The traditional running mode must be undergone a heavy international strike,supply chain management will become the inevitable trend of the development of the civil enterprises management,forming dynamic enterprises ally,Constructing agile supply chains will be the poise which the civil enterprise's survival must depends on,so it is imperative to carry through the study on agile supply chain management.The concept of supply chain management and agile supply chain management is described first in this paper,and the research significance,general situation and existing problems is analyzed. On the basis above,the agile supply chain management system frame is discussed,a intelligent supply requirement mode is offered by associating with research of Legend Group's ASCM. In the respect of supplier evaluation system. The traditional supplier evaluation usually adopt the formula method or subjective judge based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP),which is not able to evaluate accurately. In this paper,Discrete Hopefield Neural Network(DHNN) is first introduced into the field of supplier evaluation combined with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP),Meanwhile,the difficulty in expressing the indexes' weights with Discrete Hopefield neural network was solved. An instance demonstrates that the result is rational,objective,and accurate,using Discrete Hopefield Neural Network to evaluate supplier. So the method has a wide applied prospect.Finally,all the work done in this paper is summarized,and the further study of this subject is foreseen.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agile Supply Chain, Supplier Evaluation, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Discrete Hopefield Neural Network(DHNN)
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