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Discrete Manufacturing Workshop Cost Management Systems Theory And Applications

Posted on:2004-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092980802Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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With the arrival of information age and further progress of market economy and global integrative economy, enterprises face fiercer market competition and the market puts forward stricter request for enterprises. It is displayed mainly in 4 respects: T(time), Q(quality), C(cost), S(service). The cost occupies essential position among enterprise's competitiveness. The accurate, prompt cost management and control is focus issue that enterprises care. Enterprises pay more and more attention to cost management of workshop witch has closed link to production activity. This dissertation regards cost management of the workshop as the subject for research. The workshop cost management system is based on the advanced product management theory: ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES(Manufacturing Execution system).ERP implements effective, comprehensive plan and management of all of the enterprise resource, to improve business efficiency. But ERP lacks the real-time control of producing equipment of the workshop. MES is a management information system of the workshop layer witch lies between the planning system of the upper layer and industrial control of the ground floor. MES has many functions, but it lacks the control and management of the cost data. Direct against this question, this dissertation has consulted the cost management theory from ERP, and integrate the cost management function among the systematic framework of MES, implement the workshop cost management system.Based on above-mentioned thoughts, Combine with the actual conditions of the JiEr workshop of DLRW Co.Ltd, workshop cost management system was developed. The system has been put into practical application. The program provides friendly interface for users to input the prerequisite data or data acquired from other models, besides, it computes product cost and print reports automatically, it has met the user's demands. This system has improved the economic efficiency of the workshop, and it can be applied to other workshops of the same production type.
Keywords/Search Tags:cost management, MES(Manufacturing Execution System), ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
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