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Study On Some Issuses About Stable Operation Of Virtual Manufacturing Enterprises

Posted on:2005-07-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q M YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122982238Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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This dissertation researches on the operation stage of virtual enterprises and particularly study some problems about their stable operation. The whole dissertation is divided into seven chapters and expounds this problem completely and systemically.Chapter 1: this chapter summarizes the research station about virtual enterprises. The main contents and structures of the dissertation have been put forward at last part of this chapter.Chapter 2: at first, it analyses the evaluation of the partners' manufacturing resources based on the cooperation and compatibility of the virtual enterprises' produce resources, then it researches the core competition of the partners in the aspects of meaning. Based on the above research and study, the dissertation does the qualitative reorganization for the partners of the virtual enterprises, and then brings forward the quantitative reorganization methods for the core capability of the virtual enterprises' partners. this dissertation introduces ELECTRE, fuzzy synthesis evaluation and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA),and gives some examples to illustrate these methods respectably. Finally, genetic algorithm model for risk and the implement technology of the partners' choice are discussed there.Chapter3: it analyses the meaning and significances of the trust, and then put forwards the characters, forms and the origin mechanism of the trust in virtual enterprises. It also analyses the importance for the trust mechanism in virtual enterprises and the difficulties in the establishing process. Next, establishing enterprise's resources e-platform for virtual enterprises, which as one special trust and cooperation mechanism .Chapter 4: this chapter research on the most reasonable distribution mechanism of inner payment in the virtual enterprises by the collaboration game model, in order to ensure these virtual enterprises can take their advantages sufficiently. And, it discusses the optimal effort level and their optimal distribution coefficient for each member in the Nash equilibrium and Pareto equilibrium , respectively.Chapter5: the effective operation frame for the virtual enterprises and their distributed business process are discussed. And then through the analyses and management of virtual enterprises model that based on the agent and their distributed business process, this dissertation integrates the two models and ultimately achieves the virtual enterprises' distributed business process management based on agents. At last virtual enterprises resources planning is put forward. Chapter6: this chapter mainly discusses concurrent process planning and scheduling in Distributed Virtual Manufacturing (DVM), and the production dispatching and control for the cooperated produce of virtual enterprises. concurrent process planning and scheduling of the Distributed Virtual Manufacturing can be achieved by Multi-Agent System(MAS), and DVM model can make the members integrated in cooperation way. We can use this model to choice partners of virtual enterprises if it is combined with cost factor. This chapter presents the general structure of concurrent process planning and scheduling model, and then put forward an example of the concurrent process planning and scheduling .Chapter7: the dissertation discusses the basic intension and the system structure of enterprises' knowledge management, and then put forwards the necessary and strategy of the virtual enterprises' knowledge management. Next it dissertates the whole structure of the virtual enterprises' knowledge management and KMS of virtual enterprises which based on WEB.The innovative points in this dissertation:Presents evaluation system and methods for the partners' core competition based on the concurrent produce.Put forwards Profit distribution mechanism and distribution vectors for the members of the virtual enterprises based on the stable operation;Formats the model of concurrent process planning and scheduling model for Distributed Virtual Manufacturing(DVM),poses the model of virtual e...
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual enterprise, Agile Manufacturing, distribution mechanism, concurrent process planning and scheduling, knowledge management, virtual manufacturing enterprises resources planning
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