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Empirical Analysis Of The Theory Of Enterprise Clusters And Regional Economic Development

Posted on:2004-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092986555Subject:Business management
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The phenomenon of enterprises clusters has aroused extensive attention and research at home and abroad. But the theory of its formation and development has not been systemized to the day. So the paper will resolve the problem how enterprises clusters form by systematic comparative analysis. The main content are planned as follow:The first chapter draws conclusion about recent theories of enterprises clusters, which is like a hundred flowers blossoming, but have not formed an integrated theoretical system.In the second chapter, at first, the value chain of Michael E. Porter was cited simply and then its meaning was enlarged. That is the Social Value Chain (SVC) is put forward. This is the theory basis of the enterprises clusters and the relations among them in the paper. By analyzing deeply the reason of the SVC's extending and expansion, we can find the reason of enterprises clusters' formation, the mechanism of space agglomeration and the logical frame about their internal relations.By analyzing the specialty of enterprise existence in the enterprises clusters, the conception of the Internal Scale Enterprises Clusters (ISEC) was put forth, which helps us explain the cause of scale economy of the enterprises clusters including internal and external scale and scope economy and how to realize flexible manufacture and strategic synergy between them.The chapter is the core of the paper and the creation.The third chapter: As for the reasons why emerge clusters in different regions along the prolonging of the SVC and why the SVC can break through the limitation of region, we point out this is caused by personal factors of the enterprise clusters. This is the basic opinion of the paper. In the chapter, these personal factors were concluded more totally.On the base of theory above, the phase of the enterprises clusters' formation and development is found. They are classified by the phase and agglomeration specialty of different regions along the SVC. Then In the fourth chapter, take three more developed region for three typical examples of modem enterprises clusters and remark them simply.The last one is the simple conclusion of the paper. The regional economy and the clusters should obey the principle of general reasons and personal factors to develop. We consider that the development of national economy in the future is displayed by the healthy and coordination tendency between the clusters. So the clusters' competitive superiority is the source and driving force of the national competitive superiority. At last, point out the significance of cluster theory's development to the management.
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