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Large Metallurgical Construction Project Management - Baoshan Iron And Steel 2 Color Coating Engineering Process Management

Posted on:2004-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092995395Subject:Architecture and Civil Engineering
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For a long time, the management of the huge metallurical project was always puzzled the Steel Factory. Different from the civil engineering project, metallurgical project has some features such as huge investment, long construction period, strong independent character on other project, and serious influence on manufacture. So it has high v alue t o s tudy t he proper m odel o f m anagement tor educe i nvestment, d ecrease time limit for the construction project, improve management, and quickly occupy the market.For the reference to the later project management, based on the principle of seek truth from facts, the writer collected a number of original data, deeply studied on the project management of No.2 continues coating line, and the obtained conclusions can used in the Steel Factory.According to the characters of the huge metallurgical project, the thesis study on six aspects of the management of No.2 continues coating line, including economic analysis, m anagement r esearch o f c ommunication b efore n egotiation, p reject analysis report and management of the bidding period, the management in construction period, the management of the oversea co-operation, and the transferring to the owner. Additionally, the thesis deeply research on the analysis of project, key proposal and numberize the process of project while the generalization process index is presented.The results of the study illustrate that, (1) Economic analysis is the key factor of the project's success or failure, so it is necessary for the market survey based on facts and proper analysis, (2) Key pre-research proposal and successful implement is the most influence on the construction success or failure, so the management team should pay attention to the proper proposal, (3) The construction process can be guided by the generalization process index. These conclusions can be used in the similar project.
Keywords/Search Tags:project management, bidding, generalization process index, investment control, oversea co-operation management, compensation, part acceptation, final accepation
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