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Material Inventory In The Supply Chain Under The Conditions And Decision-making Model

Posted on:2004-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360095962541Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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For academic study and enterprise management as well, at present when Logistics has updated from job process to the strategic management of enterprises, it has been an unavoidable task of how to apply the theory of Supply Chain to integrate Logistics, particularly to integrate purchase and inventory.Since traditional inventory being faced with immense impact, under the condition of supply chain, being acquainted with the complicated inventory system in regard to its components and its innate relationships, adjusting inventory strategies, and establishing an inventory model with fixed quantity are crucial. These issues are what the paper is intended to explore, too.At first place, the paper, according to characteristics of modern supply chain, analyzes systematically both the influences and constraints to traditional inventory management on which the competitions among supply chains impose. Due to the systematical characteristics of supply chain, managing activities or managing state in almost every enterprise possess strong natures of outboudness and prolongingness so that chain reaction caused by want of demand or fake demand will be transmitted to the whole supply chain very quickly. Nonetheless, centering on integrate resources, supply chain management might be carried out to reduce factors of ambiguity and to cut down inventory as well.Then, the paper has studied in detail material order and inventory system under condition of supply chain. Meanwhile, comparative studies are conducted to some representative order strategic models. In light of these studies, a new approach to inventory strategy - the integrated chain supply, is put forward. Namely, the whole user group is inclusive, and when it comes to inventory, something relevant to inventory, such as order, purchase,information, etc. must be put into consideration, too. The advantages of the approach lie in: to fulfill partial optimal so as to achieve the holistic optimal; to involve strategies of time continuums in majority are achieved by fulfilling secondary optimal between time continuums.Finally, with an explicit guidance and specific steps, the paper has established different models under supply chain, attempting to analyze system from different perspective. They are relation model of material inventory system in enterprise, system dynamics model and mathematical model. To establish relation model is to analyze both components that constitute the system and relationships between components statically. To establish system dynamics model is to analyze the relationship of cause and effect between components in the system dynamically. To establish mathematical model is to define the initial values of various inventory strategic variants. In doing so, it will enable strategists to control tightly inventory strategist system, make them detect the problems and find out the cause when they make strategic mistake so as to solve the problems promptly and reduce the loss.In addition, a new concept, information-insurance cost has been introduced in the paper so that information cost is involved in inventory strategic system indirectly. By means of this, traditional insurance inventory which predicts validity of information in process of uncertainty (an reversal order) is uncorrected. Virtually, information is prior to the criterion of that information, and then insurance inventory is conducted on basis of information.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain, supply chain managing, inventory model, system dynamics, information-insurance inventory
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