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Ecologically Fragile Areas Of The Western Region Of Land Resources For Sustainable Use

Posted on:2004-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D H YaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122470800Subject:Soil science
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The ecological fragile area in Western China not only is the area where the contradict between person and ground is most sharp, but also is a typically eco-fragile and underdeveloped area in our country. Because of the long-term depredated exploitation and use, the land resources deteriorates seriously and eco-environment increasingly worsen, and greatly threatens the sustainability of landuse in the area. So regarding Youyang autonomous County as an example, the land sustainable use of western eco-fragile region with serious soil and water erosion is studied in this dissertation. The author discusses the basic category of land sustainable use and construct theoretical foundation for demonstration and policy application by summarizing and inducing the private achievements. Under the leading of the theories system, the author investigates systematically natural and economic conditions, the characteristic and the present condition of land resource use and discovers the problem and result of landuse in the county. At the same time, the writer forecasts the demand of some kinds of landuse by analyzing the conductive and exploiting potential from nature, economy and society. Further, the author analyzes the factor of affecting land sustainable use and establishes the index system. At last, the writer evaluates the sustainability of landuse and puts forward some measures and suggestions for the sustainable landuse in Youyang county. Main research conclusion is as follows:1 the eco-fragile area is a district where natural ecosystem is out of balance over a long period of time. According to its cause and characteristics of landuse, we can classify such area into two typical areas: area with soil and water erasion and area with land desert. As a Southwesten autonomous county with national minority and typical area, the nature condition in Youyang is bad and the economy falls behind and the soil erosion is serious. Furthermore, the population increases quickly which results to steep slope farming and excessively opening up, so eco-environment accelerates rapidly. In the whole, Youyang is an epitome of the area with soil and water erasion in western China.2 With the correlative analysis between the landuse structure and economic development, the main problems of landuse in Youyang county are summarized as follows:(l) a large proportion of farmland are leanness, so the land quantity is bad;(2) the forest vegetation is broken seriously, and the soil erosion is severe and the eco-environment is depravating; (3) the number of land for water conservancy facilities is small;(4) the proportion of town and transportation land is not accorded with landuse plan;(5) land collocation is inconsequent;(6) the land resources is plenty and a lot of land are not used but the land which can be opened up for farming.3 The author analyzes the productive and opening potential and forecasts the demands of some kinds landuse and draws some conclusions:(l)the main cause for low production and income is the shortness of water and the poor fertility of land;(2)constructive land is not suitable for farming and should be used for economy construction, and this is the main path to keep thetotal number of plantation in balance.4. According to the land use, the author discover the unsustainable factors and use synthetical index method to evaluate the sustainability of landuse and the results are these:(l) synthetical and monomial value increase gradually with the change of time and sustainable degree of landuse rises year by year;(2) the artical compartmentalizes the sustainable landuse into four grades: prophase, primary period, basic period and sustainable period according to the synthesical value with 30%,60% and 85%. Youyang's landuse degree is still in primary period and far behind the sustainable aim.5.According to the result of evaluation of sustainable use and the analysis of land potential, the author puts forward several proposals and measures of sustainable landuse. (1) building up correct ethics of land ecology;(2) ad...
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