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Quantitative Analysis Based On Gray Theory Of Foreign Investment Utilization

Posted on:2005-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125464372Subject:Applied Mathematics
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After entering into the WTO, it is no double that China will be faced up with many great opportunities and challenges, under this background, how to regulate economy, to grasp opportunities, to meet with challenges and develop promptly our economy, these problems should be deeply discussed. This article includes the domestic and foreign research headway of theories on the utilization of FI and the tendency in China under new conditions. Due to the development of global economic integration, international capital is flowing fast and foreign investment plays an increasingly important role in influencing domestic economy. Lots of domestic and foreign scholars have been studying theories on the utilization of FI indifferent fields and in different ways. However there is little research on how to optimize the scale and structure of FI so that it can closely cooperate with domestic economy and increase its efficiency. Firstly, the analysis of the project structure includes the review of the history of China's FIU, the progress of the style and scale, the regional distribution of China's FIU, the related degree of FIU's structure to economic development is calculated from three aspects and it is pointed out that among those three structures some utilization styles make great contribution to economic development and some do less. Secondly, the article introduce the models of the gray optimization on the base of the gray theory, improve on the method of white. Based on statistics of China's FIU, target programming is designed for the analysis of FI's regional structure, etc. In this way, it finds the optimized structure of China' FIU. At last, the article analyze the performance of our utilizing FI by analysis of game and metrology. Policy suggestion for the optimization of China's FIU structure is proposed from three points: regional, project and economic structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:Utilization of Foreign Investment, Structure Optimization, Related Degree, Gray Target Programming Model
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