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Intranet-based Accounting Business Process Reorganization Study

Posted on:2004-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The accounting information offered by current accounting information systems can hardly satisfy the in-time and diversified need of the financial report, the reason of which lies in the following aspects: for one thing, both the current accounting ethics and accounting business process are the result of traditional distribution theories and can not cope with the new development of the information society; what's more, the integration of information systems lack technical support. In order to solve these problems, a combination of the modern information technology and the theory of business process reengineering is necessary to the re-design of the accounting business process.First of all, research background of the paper is discussed in this paper, based on which a comparison and systematic overview on the Business Process Reengineering and Accounting BPR both in the domestic and international scope is provided and the content and structure of the paper is pointed out.Secondly, detail analysis of theories including serialized accounting, traditional enterprise management mode and accounting business process together with their influences Intranet may have on accounting BPR is put forward, a proposition of reform accounting operation process through the use of Intranet is discussed.Thirdly, and the most importantly, the paper focused on the solution and implementation strategy of the aforementioned reform. Wherein the ethical reform, intranet setup, Intranet Based accounting BPR solution, management mode and organizational structure, implementation strategy are being stressed.Finally, a case containing the accounting business process situation, the reform ethic, the designed solution and the evaluation is presented to further the understanding of the theories discussed in the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Business process reengineering, Intranet, accounting, business process reengineering, accounting ethics, organizational structure
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