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The Existence Of Local Government Performance Assessment Problems And Improved Countermeasures

Posted on:2005-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125960156Subject:Political Theory
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Performance measurement of government is an important theories problem, and is a very important realistic problem too. It has many functions that can't be replaced, in appreciating the government's ability, improving government's performance, supervising government's behavior, improving relation of government and society public etc. Since the 70's of 20 centuries, along with the enhance of all countries government's cost-consciousness and the citizen's inspecting- consciousness, the performance measurement of government were given of big value and suffered with the favor. It was booming up used as an important political activity in the developed countries, and became an important measure that adopt quickly and widely in the reformation of the western government. In the last few years, along with the continuous administration reforms of our country and the improving in the level of the government management, the some local governments already started with the trial of the government performance measurement. It had obtained the certain results, and made some positive effects. These practices proved that the performance measurement of government has got the extensive need in our local governments and other public sections. However, because our country is in the period of the new system instead of the old system, the some original irregularities of the old system still have very big inertial. This kind of inertial affected the fulfillment of performance measurement of local government, made some of them exposed a serious problems in theirs process of practice. Because performance measurement of the local government is still stated in the stage in start, and because we don't have enough experiences that make the problem of the local government performance evaluation unavoidable. This paper point out problems of our local government performance measurement. On this foundation, the article analysis the substance and course of these problems from viewpoints of the pubic administration, the politics science, economics and sociology, and put forward the strategies that concentrate on finding a developing path for performance measurement of local government, which keep it with state of the our country and the concrete local circumstance closely.The thesis starts from the theories analysis of performance measurement of government, giving a definition of it, proceed to explain its realistic meaning from the widespread meaning; The next in order, take British and American as examples, introduce practices of the local government performance measurement in western countries and their experience, and give a brief evaluation to it; Again, the theories combines together with fulfillment, analyze condition and existent problems of performance measurement of local government in present; Finally, aim at the existent problems, regard the important thought of the" three representatives" as the guide, according to the principle that draw lessons from the experience of the western country and combine it with the state of our country together, inquiry into the concrete measures that push forward the development of performance measurement system of local government, to make it to head for the road that scientific, systemize, standardize, develop its functions well in the modernization of government management.
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