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The Citizen Participate In Measurement Of Local Government In China

Posted on:2013-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330362962892Subject:Administrative Management
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With the rapid development of modern economic technology, more and more thegovernment began to transform function and build a new government."The governmentperformance" one word is receiving more and more attention of people. The westerntheory method is great to promote the development of the cause of the performanceevaluation of our country. The performance evaluation of government is the key ring ofimprovement on the management in many places vigorously up.However, as citizens of waking consciousness gradually, Citizens began to demand toparticipate in the government's performance. After the reform and opening, throughsummarizing experience in western countries, the local governments at all levels in Chinabegan to explore the suitable mode for our citizens to participate in governmentperformance. We have developed a lot of practice of Citizens to participate in performancemanagement and assessment. It has obtained the certain effect. But as we starting late,inexperience, still a lot of problems have arisen. Chinese scholars and leaders have toexplore and discover step by step.This paper based on the domestic and foreign development present situation andChina's national conditions of particularity. Through the local government of Chinese andforeign citizens participate in case of empirical analysis, it is observed that there isinsufficient of Citizen Participation. Through the analysis of the questions one by one,Given the suitable ways and means for our citizens to participate in governmentperformance Combining with government, citizen, non-profit organizations, and legal andthe government portal website construction. The letter divides into five parts: The first partis the prolegomenon. The second part mainly introduces the concept of the governmentperformance, the citizen participation and government performance. And some relatedtheory can support these concepts, including the new public service theory, the theory ofnew public administration and public choice theory, control theory, deliberativedemocracy theories. The third part elaborated the development present situation of thecitizen participating and Problems occurred in the Citizens to participate in the process ofpractice. The fourth section lists two Specific cases of America and China. By comparison,find China's defects and learn the other's experience. The fifths part from the government, citizen, non-profit organizations and system construction of four aspects, givenrationalization proposal in order to structure the Characteristics of Chinese governmentperformance evaluation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Performance Measurement, The citizen participation, Government performance evaluation system
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