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China Enterprise Project Finance Risk Management Study

Posted on:2005-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H JuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152456537Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Project financing is a new credit form in the international financing market after the 1970s. It helps the investors not only arrange and operate their funds, but also realize their goals which can not be attained in the conventional credit modes. But because of long time large scare more participants and complex structure of financing project, the risks are awfully large. Therefore project financing need the whole process supervising and a rigorous risk management from the project feasible research in the prophase to the negotiation signing contract, construction and operation. However, project financing starts out later in China, and stays in the primary stage, even more affected by the traditional planned economy, there exists some imperfect understandings and mistakes in the risk management of project financing. Under the such background, this paper analyzes and arguments the present risk management of project financing in China from the risk affected elements risk evolutions and risk management. The material research content includes as following:Part one: Introduce the research problem actuality in the world and in China structureN goals methods and the overview of the related theories to pave the way for the next analyses.Pare two: The overview of project financing. This part mainly includes risk the overview of the risk management the project financing and the project financing risks, which paves the way for the next analysis Pare three: The analyses of affected elements to the project financing. This part mainly analyzes the manifested forms of the project financing risk and the affected elements to the risk project financing.Part four: The evaluation of project financing. This part puts forward the evaluation principah some methods and the system of project financing.Part five: The management of project financing risk. This part mainly introduces risk management of project financing, and how to allocate the risks between the project participants, and provides some measures to keep away from project financing risks.Part six: The analyses of current situation in the risk management of project financing in China enterprises. This part mainly introduces some present questions in the risk management of project financing in China enterprises, and provides some countermeasures to resolve them.Part seven: The closing lines of the paper. In the end, the paper reaches some conclusions according to the above analyses and puts forward some recommendations to the risk management of project financing in China enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Project Financing, Financing risk, Risk management
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