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Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone Industry Cluster

Posted on:2006-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S M DaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152482554Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Wi th the development of High-tech industry zone it plays more and more positive role in the regional economic increasing. High-tech industry zone present the characteristics of enterprise clusters. Researches about High-tech industry zone based on industrial clusters' theories becomes gradually a little bit hot and present the characteristics of many courses crosses. Scholars study the phenomenon of industrial clusters from various ways such as the economics angle, transaction cost angle, competitive advantage angle and so on. This paper tries to analysis the industrial clusters of Xi' an High-tech industry zone from two respects. One is environment factor and the other is competition ability.Firstly, the paper introduces the value chain. Combined with the difference and dynamic of region environment factors, we research those factors' influence on the enterprise value chain. Then we give a general evolution path of a single industrial clusters, that is to say a single industrial clusters usually experiences four stages which include formation, early development, development and mature. After that, we point out the competitive ability of industrial clusters in the different development stage. There are four main sources, which are simple low cost ability, scale-manufacturing ability, flexible manufacturing ability and innovative ability. At the same time, we analyze the relationship between these four kinds of competitive ability and regional environment factors. Selected Xi' an High-tech industry zone as our research object, we investigate the environment factors and the competition abilities, and point out the key problem in the development of Xi' an High-tech industry zone. Based on the above analysis, the paper put forward the counter plans aimed at the development of Xi' an High-tech industry zone.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial clusters, Value chain, Environment factor, Competitive ability
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