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Based On The Ongoing Management Of The Enterprise Value Of The Risk Of Investment Research

Posted on:2006-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The difference between venture capital and others is that it can grow up. Venture capital investors apply post-investment management to the enterprise. They integrate their management and capital with enterprise's advantage in technology that makes it grows up from a low-value enterprise to a high-value and mature one.Post-investment management of venture capital is the investor communicates with the enterpriser to help them manage and offers them social recourses and such value-added services in assisting organization stage. The contents of management conclude custody, setting up control mechanism to protect investment and value-added services. Venture capital investors will attend board meeting, inspect working report and touch with high-level managers. The way of post-investment management is affected by how long the investor has cooperated with the enterpriser, experiences of the investor, stage of the enterprise and proportion and effect of the investment. In order to offering scientific post-investment management, this paper establishes a value-based model. In this model, a risk-evaluating system is founded, combined with two kinds of indexes, apparent index and movement index. Apparent index 'concludes value index and management index, while movement index concludes management movement index and non- management movement index. An investigation aiming to this system was made to prove these indexes reflect problems in post-investment management. This paper also selects a case to introduce how to establish the model. The process is: firstly, select apparent indexes; then calculate the number and weight of them; at last, understand the number of movement indexes. Venture capital investors can apply post-investment management according to them.In domain of post-investment management, researchers can make further research in post-investment management evaluation, such as how to evaluate effects of post-investment management, the value of post-investment management, and so on. Besides, when establishing an applying model of post-investment management, researches can be made linking with inside and outside environment of the enterprise.
Keywords/Search Tags:venture capital, post-investment management, enterprise value, applying model
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