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Quality Information Model To Support Concurrent Design

Posted on:2006-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152982361Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The study on quality information of supporting concurrent design aims to help the designers make decision during process of concurrent design. Designers consider all kinds of factors affecting product quality in the early stages of design. Research achieve enhancing product quality and declining developing cost and shortening developing times and improving design efficiency. Quality information is one of crucial information to concurrent design, the research is to set the model of quality information relating to product design and to support the process of concurrent design include of all of stages.Firstly, the dissertation analyses product design process and characteristics of concurrent design, divides concurrent design into six stages on the basis of round table model of concurrent design, which can reflect six design stages and composing of designers and cooperation relation of design team. Secondly, based on the features of design supporting quality information, the dissertation studies the functions of quality information from five aspects, analyses the content of quality information. The dissertation gives different methods to gather quality information and quality information is classified in four ways, namely, component information of a product, information regeneration, ISO 9000 standard information and resource of information. Thirdly, the dissertation analyzes the demand for quality information of design decision, round table framework model and tiny cycle model is constructed. The dissertation introduces Agent and founds multi-Agent system to manage quality supporting information. Categories and structure of Agent in Multi-Agent system is discussed. Storage mechanism of quality supporting information is putted forward. Finally, the dissertation integrates quality supporting information with the tools of concurrent design. The dissertation discussed working pattern of quality Agent and function.
Keywords/Search Tags:Concurrent Design, Quality Information, Quality Agent, Design Decision
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