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Design Research, Service-oriented Government Public Service Performance Evaluation Indicators

Posted on:2007-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360185456392Subject:Administrative Management
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With the advance of our society, the peace and development has become the common understanding of many countries of the world. On this basis, the present society has demanded a new style of government administration and new administrative conception. All these,on the objective, urged the government to strengthen its civil public service function and social administrative function, to improve the civil service and to demonstrate the comparative advantage. However, during the process of building up the service government and performing the service administration, to advance the civil working efficiency and working effect, has become an eternal civil administrative subject. During the vertical reforming period, the economy and social development required to conform to the state's management. Response to the current requirement, our state was trying to establish a system of civil efficiency evaluation standard. All in all,the present standard that is lack of system and organization is hard to reflect the overall civil organizing efficiency, service quality and administrative standard. And the designed standard couldn't prominently demonstrate the responsibility of public organization that sought common people's rights. The state'organization always forsook the pursuit of public service capacity and standard under the pressure of responsibility standard from the superior department. From this viewpoint, this thesis discussed service government and the setting of public service efficiency evaluation system, which was not only a response and extension of the new public administration, but also coincided with the traditional judgment of civil administration and the intrinsic value of the service government construction.With the development of people's unending demand and the limited resources, this contradiction extended. According to the research on the intrinsic efficiency demanding of the"service government"conception and to the advanced definition and research on the civil public service conception and its contents etc, this thesis generally set out a new standard that conformed to the civil public service efficiency...
Keywords/Search Tags:service government, the civil public service of government, the civil efficiency evaluation of government, the civil public service efficiency evaluation standard
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