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Service-oriented Government Under The Perspective Of Civil Servants Concept Transformation Research

Posted on:2015-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Build a service-oriented government that is conform to the trend of The Times,and also satisfy the masses of the will of the people. In this paper, the concept ofservice-oriented government, service content, service object and service main body, aservice-oriented government is the government at all levels and other publicorganizations adhere to the concept of service value for citizens, social organizationsto provide quality of public service government. With that of the traditional controltype government control management core concept, service-oriented governmentstresses is "service", can say,"spirit to serve" throughout the service-orientedgovernment. As the exercise of public power and civil servants administrative conceptand value measurement directly reflect the government’s governance concept, isdirectly related to the legitimacy and authority of the government itself.Service-oriented government emphasizes the "service", to have been used to thegeneral civil servants of the type of traditional management, how to change ideas,reveal service when exercising public power, the rule of law, responsibility, fairnessand justice, etc required by core value concept of service-oriented government, it is amajor era proposition. To change a perspective of "service-oriented government civilservants ideas" as the research subject, it is of great theoretical and practicalsignificance.Writing of this paper mainly has four parts:The first part is the introduction part of this article. Mainly elaborated theselected topic significance of this paper, the research situation of this topic, this topicusing this topic research methods and innovations.The second part discusses the construction of a service-oriented government civilservants should have ideas. This part through the analysis of the connotation and characteristics of a service-oriented government, and then sum up civil servants in theservice-oriented government should have four kinds of consciousness: serviceconsciousness; The rule of law consciousness; Innovation consciousness; Dedicationconsciousness.The third part analyzes the problems existing in the current government civilservants in the concept. This part firstly analyzes the outstanding problems existing inthe current government civil servants in the thought idea: for the people serviceconsciousness; Responsibility consciousness; Innovation consciousness; Weakconsciousness of administration according to law. Followed by the analysis of civilservant’s ideas the reason of these problems.The fourth part discusses the path choice of a service-oriented government inchanging the concept of civil servant’s ideas. According to the analysis of the thirdpart, this part puts forward the targeted strong countermeasure and suggestion ofideological concept transformation of the civil service.
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