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Study On Evaluation System Of Civil Service Level Under The Background Of Service Oriented Government

Posted on:2016-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The civil service examination system is an important part of the civil service system, a comprehensive, objective of civil servants. The fair appraisal, is the basis for government agencies at all levels of scientific, standardized management of civil servants, but also an important way to identify talent, talent selection, use of personnel, it is an important means to stimulate the initiative and enthusiasm of the civil servants. Through standardized assessment, can greatly enhance the overall quality and ability of civil servants, improve the efficiency of government administration, accelerate the construction of service-oriented government. However, perfect the mechanism of the system is not the current civil service examination system to accomplish at one stroke, there are still some unsatisfactory and difficult problem, greatly reducing the authority of the civil service examination, examination system can not give full play to the role of an incentive. At present, the majority of civil servants in the civil service, so it is important and necessary to study on the grass-roots civil service examination system, it is necessary to improve the management level and the objective requirements of the public service ability of government and practical, is to strengthen the entire civil service team construction of the inevitable requirement, but also an inevitable requirement of perfecting the management system of civil servant.Based in the region, through the Baoding 7 county(city, district) government agencies to visit, access to government audit documents, and grassroots civil servants communication, issuing questionnaires investigation of grass-roots civil servants assessment of the status quo and problems. From the current situation, the localities have begun every year according to national, provincial and municipal requirements into the civil service examination, pass the examination work, aroused the enthusiasm of the majority of civil servants, but assessment implementation time is not long, there are also many problems. Mainly manifested in: the imperfect laws and regulations, contents and standards lack can test and the evaluation method is single, procedures not in accordance with the regulations put in place, usually appraisal non-existent etc.. Aiming at these problems, this paper detailed analysis of the reasons, the main reason is lack of understanding, psychological deviation and position classification of civil servant is not perfect, assessment results force is small, communication and feedback mechanisms, assessment lacks effective supervision and so on. On this basis, summarizes the experience of China’s ancient and foreign representative national civil service examination are valuable for reference, combine the actual work of grass-roots civil servants, the reform of the civil service examination system and improvement of the new thinking, new move.The innovation of this paper mainly lies in the problems appear in the actual work in the civil service and assessment is proposed for strong, easy implementation of the strategy, and in which introduced the advanced idea of civil servant management in enterprise management and the developed countries. Such as perfect and improve the assessment system of laws and regulations and system, refine and improve testing contents and standards, assessment methods and means to achieve the diversification, improve the system for the civil service examination organization, the establishment of assessment subject selection, training system, establishing communication of results and feedback mechanism, improve the civil service examination and supervision mechanism etc.. With the establishment of the service type government, style is more excellent, honest and diligent, efficient civil servants. All of this and the civil service examination system solidarity. To improve the civil service examination system is not only the need to promote the scientific management of civil servants, but also the inevitable requirement for the construction of service oriented government..
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