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Research On The Construction Of Yunnan Service-Oriented Government Base On The E-Government Platform

Posted on:2011-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330332984300Subject:Public Management
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To promote the construction of the service-oriented government, by relying on the electronic government affair (EGA), has become the reform trends of each country. And It is also become the hotspot by domestic and foreign scholars pay close attention and research. The construction of the EGA platform has great significance to promote the construction of the service-oriented government. It. promot the change of the government from "the control type" to "the service type",while making for the realization of the civil participation and the construction of the "Sunshine Government". It is the thrusters,mean and way for the construction of service-oriented government.Currently, there exist many deficiencies and problems in carrying out the construction of the service-oriented government which based on the EGA platform. Such as the deviation in cognition for the EGA, the ideas fail to get efficiently changed; the departments at all levels go their'own way, low integration and utilization of resource; heavy construction and light application,heavy technology and light government affairs; the government leading many, civil participation is lacking; the government management innovation is not enough; System and mechanism is not perfect.Taking Yunnan province as an example, and on the basis of the study of the interactive relationships between the EGA and the service-oriented government, the paper expounds the great significance on how to construct a service-oriented government. The paper focuses on the possible causes of problems, and raises the improving methods by aiming at the existing problems. The party committee and the government should change their concepts, and practically advance the construction of the service-oriented government by supporting of the EGA; The construction of the EGA is premise with the innovation of the government management and the realization of the governments'goals and purposes; To expand the community participation, and to achieve the goal of community's administration; and to put the community orientation ideas through the process of carrying out the construction of the EGA, and to promote the construction of the "sunshine government"; and to change passive service held before into active service by relying on the EGA platform; then to strengthen the sustainability of the construction of the EGA platform, to gradually adopt CIO. and finally to achieve the benign interaction between the construction of the EGA platform and of the service-oriented government, and realize the goal of the service-oriented government.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-Government affair, Service-oriented Government, Public orientation, The transformation of government functions
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