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Township Executive Power With The Villagers Autonomy Imbalances And Countermeasures

Posted on:2007-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In line with development of the villagers' self-governance, the problem of "agriculture, country and peasant" has arisen in some rural areas . There have some question need to be resolved in the villager's self-governance. The right of villagers' self-governance were overpasses by administrational power of villager and tower and the abilities of villagers' self-governance is very weak. Especially, the difficulty of increasing farmer's income has become a big problem related complete, harmonious and sustainable development of china's society.Through the rethinking of the development of villagers' self-governance and analyzes the causation of this situation, this essay indicates that all these problems resulted in the conflict between the commonality interest and personal interest .its development needs systemically administrational decentralization and enhance the abilities of the villager' self-governance At present Villagers committee provides systematic self-governance platform for the villagers. However, in china the villagers are so separated. It is hard of peasants to safeguard their essential economical and political right such as the right to elect and to be elected. They can't express their need of interest, so it needs villagers' organizational participation. Meanwhile I think that the essential issue of china is that of peasants, and the key question of peasants is that of land .how to deal with the issue of peasants' land is an important one which always influence the stability of social politics and the development of rural economyAll these problems resulted in the delay in adjusting the way of Villagers committee and the villagers congress and the social organization, as well as the . weakness of group's self-governance ability Lead to the limitation of singular and time-ineffective access to the opinions expression of peasant Owing to some imperfections in the villagers' self-governance law system.In order to strengthen the mechanism of peasants to express their opinion, thereby achieve the objective to safeguard their political rights and social interests effectively. We should make great efforts in such aspects as to reform the system of villagers' congress and the Chinese communist party branch in rural areas and reform perfect our country's land system and reinforce peasants'...
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