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Leadership Power And Autonomy Of The Game

Posted on:2003-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T ChangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062490853Subject:Political Theory
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According to the Constitution and the Organizing Law on the Villagers' Committee, the town government is the basic-level government of China and the villagers' committee is an autonomous organization of villagers under the guidance of the town government. In this system the village autonomy is practiced in a democratic way. As a result, a new relationship model "township administration and villager autonomy," has come into being. Although in practice, there exist some irregulations, disco-ordinations, and even conflicts between the township and the villagers. The township government has been playing a game with the villagers' autonomy tissue around the leadership and the autonomous power. This seriously confine the efficient perform of the executive function of the town government and the healthy development of the self-rule of villagers.Through the analysis on the current situation in the relationship between the town government and the villagers, my essay emphasizes on the deep-seated reasons of it.The essay is composed of four parts.Part one is an introduction, which comes up with questions, defining the fundamental concepts and explaining the research approaches. In the part Two, I will introduce some general conditions of the relationship between the township government and the villagers' committee. I found that the offside and the pirates of the township government and the executive subordination of the villagers' autonomous organization is the main difficulty. Part Three is the main body of the essay. I analysize the reason of the problem from three respects. System vacancy is the first respect. one is the over-principalization of the statues on these two sides; the other is the disjoint between behavior mode and the literal system and the sanction measures. The divergence of benefits between the subject of power is the second respect. I study the deep-seated reasons of the same problem. One is the special statue of and function of the township government; the second is the unbalance of the double-parts of the villagers' autonomous organization; the third is the dissymmetry of the resources which villagers possess.Part Five is the analysis on the problem from the lay of the pressurized system and finance. Due to fault of the pressurized system and the imperfect of the reformation of the division tax system, the township government has to reinforce its control to the village committee to finish its finance task assigned by the upper governments.The last part is the conclusion of the whole assay.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-rule of villagers, The People's Town Government, The villagers' committee, The relationship between the Township / Town Government and the village.
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