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On National Sovereignty In International Environmental Issues And Contemporary

Posted on:2008-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Accompany with the wave tide of economic globalization, environment depravation the problem "float a surface" also combines with state sovereignty and constituted new the characteristic in century. The international environment problem has become international politics in of hot point problem. This text tries to take this as to correspond to order a study once in the international law realm, the influence of the international environment problem upon the traditional national sovereignty, concrete but speech, be an international environment problem to weaken to the role of sovereign state. So far, international law realm, still very weak to the research of the international environment problem and the sovereignty relation, but the environment problem is again the problem of an of the utmost urgency, again because of the super national boundary of international environment problem, make this angle of view is from the international environment problem, the fixed position which studies a contemporary national sovereignty have higher of study worth and realistic meaning. These be the mankind the demand of common benefits, is also the demand that the international law goes deep into a development. This text divides four parts into discuss an international environment problem with the contemporary national sovereignty, and the sovereign state is in the important function in the international environmental protection.Firstly, thesis the first part discussed the origin, characteristic of international environment problem, the creation of traditional national sovereignty and international environment problem. The emergence of the international environment problem and the characteristic of the national sovereignty are closely related, whether judgment environment problem has the characteristic of international relations or not, have two standards: one is whether environment problem has influence of surmount the national boundary or not; Two is resolve the process of environment problem in whether involve the factor of multinational, like the international environment control and international cooperation etc.Secondly, thesis the second part discussed the relationship between international environmental protection corpus and national sovereignty. It includes several parts: Section 1 emphasizes to discuss sovereign state and the antinomy of environment with unify, and in the process of cooperating for the international environment which workouts an international environment problem but carries on in, flourishing nation and developing country of antinomy and coordination. The characteristic of international environment problem comes to a decision to manage an international environment problem through an international cooperation of inevitability. Because the output history reason on the environment problem and different realistic condition, flourishing nation and developing country have existence obstacle in the international environment the cooperation. International environment organization and governments in all countries are in the function in the international environmental protection process, and the international environment organization is to the sharing of national sovereignty, international environmental protection sport to sovereign state internal environment system the function of the establishment. The international environment organization includes environment organization among the governments and non- government environment organization. On the other hand, they extensively participate to the international environment business with deep influence. Make a nation be not the only one corpus of international relations any more. On the other hand, they bring pressure toward the government or with the supplementary environmental protection condition of the economic aid, issue an environment fund etc. means. Influence or change the establishment of national policy. National sovereignty although to world environment of depravation negative have a responsibility, the sovereign state also is a global environment emollient conservator in the meantime.Thirdly, thesis the third part discussed international environment method influence of the development upon the national sovereignty. The development of international environment method extended the scope of national sovereignty right and the nation will undertake to come from "mankind common benefits" but isn't the job which comes from sovereignty right. The development of international environmental protection mechanism makes all countries turn international environment lawmaking domestic and influenced a national sovereignty thus.Lastly, the four-part cent of thesis discussed the international environmental protection present condition of China, and international environmental protection and sovereignty of China exercise. China is the biggest developing country and also face more and more big pressure at the time of developing economy. Environment problem has become an important problem in modernization progress in China. At the international community puts forward an own environment policy in succession of, China has to also draw up in keeping with our country state of the nation and the global environment of the effective demand strategy as soon as possible. Our country is numerous signatory states of environment treaties and the sovereignty right is by all means subjected to stipulation. For the development of international environment method since want to actively participate, should also actively undertake an obligation...
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